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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who can do WHAT you do

Time is 7:00 pm every night that 8 people RSVP by Twitter to Charfair the night before. I don't order the cake until 8 people come, so BRING YOUR BUDDIES!!!
Ask yourself if you ever met a guy who thought he wasn't a genius, and why is it you don't think you are? Who can DO WHAT YOU DO???

There is a private dining room. There will be a workshop for people sitting in chairs who will practice communication skills of saying "NO" for 1 to 2 hours so no one is staring or being nosy. Folks Restaurant has music. A chocolate cake will be provided by me only if 8 people show up. RSVP required by email on Craigslist or twitter. This event is free. Dinner and drinks are not provided. The limit is 8 people plus me. I do have Folks coupons! Anyone can say "no" to the chocolate cake!!

This is a great way to meet other women who want to prevent crime, use the #InstantBuddy (twitter) and be FRIENDS with women of all ages and practice empowerment near Hiram, GA. I do not sell books at this event. Donations are accepted and not required.

Check out Murder on the Silver Comet Trail @ Amazon to find out more about me, and check out to find out what I do with my spare time! Watch the free documentary! My blog is if you are REALLY curious. The nonprofit Fear Thou Not is LISTED on the calendar as a supporter for the sheriff of Paulding County. Donations accepted at the party and at the blog. I will have a form if you want to give feedback to the national office! The donations go to promote the Instant Buddy System and pay for getting the word out that women can PREVENT CRIME by sticking together!

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