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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jimmy Carter Center today at 4 pm

My mission is to get the book Murder On The Silver Comet Trail into the hands of grandmothers. It was from the beginning. Why? Because Grandmothers teach their children and grandchildren.

June 19 seemed pretty upsetting that none of my friends could come, and no one I knew cared to the Jimmy Carter Center. I booked a workshop there. But this is a busy time in people's lives, and what were they going for? A hug? A story? Empowerment? Because that was the name of the workshop. Hug Story Empowerment. But what I needed was connection.

On the Silver Comet Trail I talk to men mostly with expensive bikes. They tell me sometimes that carrying a gun is the answer to violence on the Silver Comet Trail. They wear 2 earbuds most of the time so they are not aware of sound. Some say the rear mirror compensates for sound. Some say that because they are training that they only need to be in the "zone" so they can stick it out. And women don't stop very often, so I never talk to the women who are riding alone with both ear buds and oblivious to the world.

I don't plan to go back to the Silver Comet Trail again to give water, or to tell men on expensive bikes how to be safer.

I am glad I booked the workshop because it may open doors to safety awareness and a workshop I want to offer. The koi pond was beautiful. The room was beautiful. It would have been a great place for the workshop. I now have external speakers donated by Best Buy and so my next workshop was at the Hiram Starbucks in the same building as Moe's and Cold Stone Creamery on June 20. Thank you Hiram Starbucks for giving me the space to use! I will always be a loyal customer.

Below is the announcement!
I am leading a workshop at the Jimmy Carter Center
(at 4:00 pm. June 17, 2010)
No late entry, must register.
Executive Dining Room
Free food, free workshop. to register

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